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I am from Alaska but moved to Austin, Tx about 18 months ago after I divorced. Over the last few months I have been in a real mess. Due to a disability, I have had a real hard time finding a job. I have done mystery shopping, food demonstrating and other small jobs to bring in a little extra income. My ex has remarried and is slowly but surely trying not to pay me what he promised to pay. My rent is high. I have tried everything to get out of this lease but management won't budge. My 18 yr old son is working but he is trying to save for a car and school. I don't have any way of paying my rent for June. I will barely be able to pay utilities and have enough for groceries. I have thought about breaking my lease and moving to a much cheaper place but there isn't much to choose from when you break a lease and plus it will ruin my credit for a very long time. I am going through the disability process for SSI but that could take a while. Does anyone know of anything I can do? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks to all.


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