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I am from Alaska but moved to Austin, Tx about 18 months ago after I divorced. Over the last few months I have been in a real mess. Due to a disability, I have had a real hard time finding a job. I have done mystery shopping, food demonstrating and other small jobs to bring in a little extra income. My ex has remarried and is slowly but surely trying not to pay me what he promised to pay. My rent is high. I have tried everything to get out of this lease but management won't budge. My 18 yr old son is working but he is trying to save for a car and school. I don't have any way of paying my rent for June. I will barely be able to pay utilities and have enough for groceries. I have thought about breaking my lease and moving to a much cheaper place but there isn't much to choose from when you break a lease and plus it will ruin my credit for a very long time. I am going through the disability process for SSI but that could take a while. Does anyone know of anything I can do? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks to all.


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Go to (or contact) your nearest social services agency to find out what kind of programs you may be eligible to qualify for.  Like the other person said you should see if you can qualify for food stamps.  If you qualify for the food stamps then you can use the money you have towards some other necessities.

You should also look into the program here on Aidpage where they are seeking participants who want to be able to earn a little extra income.  It basically has to do with participating in this forum as much as you can providing advice and resources.

As you may have noticed there are some people here who have their own business and/or work from home - including me.  I do grant research and consultations.  I am also a Dream Job Consultant as well!  Can you take something that you love to do and turn it into a business?

Have you heard of Google's Adsense program?  It's where you place ads on your website or blog and you earn money when visitors to your site click on the ads.  There have even been a few people who have earn $1 million dollars or more with the adsense program.

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in the only thing that I should warn you about is that you should make sure that you sign up for the official program and not one of the others where you will have to pay money to join.  You do not have to pay any money to join the official Google Adsense program.

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Have you gone to the food banks and pantries so you can save that grocery money for other expenses?  Can you get food stamps?  I run a home-based biz and we are having a start-up special this month, if you're interested email me and I'll send you the link!  Rosie

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